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I am amazed because the last time I wrote an entry around here was almost... a year and a half. Wow!

Like 4000 deviations in my inbox, over the course of a week I went through everything, and through every comment everyone left me over the course of those 400 or so days.

So what's been of me?


* Not much, just moved to Santa Cruz, California and I'm studying Computer Science in college. Later on I plan to study Multimedia Design, which is where my true passion lies, but I admit I am having a ton of fun here, learning a lot, and making all kinds of interesting and awesome friends. It is quite an experience, being here and pretty much starting from scratch, Santa Cruz is such a nice place and the people here are really friendly and laidback, but there's always something funny or strange to see here. >:-)
I feel that as a person I've grown a lot by taking this step, and there is plenty more to come!

* Released an online album last month, and I was happily surprised someone actually paid for it. It's free too!…

* I'll start posting art around here wherever I can, let's see how well I juggle college life and other things! (There's also this daily doodle thing I'm doing in Tumblr

So, to all the people who still hold a shred of interest in the art I make, I thank you! And to all the people I watch, I can't believe how much many have improved, it's crazy, progress is something you can't avoid if you keep doing something for a year and a half! :O

Glad to be... back, although I never really left, or something :D
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  • Listening to: Bela Fleck
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  • Watching: ATHF
  • Playing: With the force
  • Eating: Music
  • Drinking: Molecules with weak interacions that form liquid
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Sushimitzu Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
And you wrote that half a year ago. But maybe you'll check again someday.

I just went to your profile because I was reminded of a thread you left a comment in, and I just wanted to let you know your music is quite interesting and I'll definitely listen to it some more.
skinsvideos21 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013
Hey! It's been AGES since I wrote that. I completely forgot I did and I honestly appreciate that you brought it back to my memory. Arguing about epistemology and objective truth... oh man! :D

I know that this response is probably way too late, but I really appreciate it too that you would stop by my music and check it out. There are some interesting experiments cooking and they should be out in the near future...

I added you to my watch. Hope to discuss cool ideas with you again, that'd be neat.
Sushimitzu Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013
He, so you did check your dA again, very nice. :D

I take it that those "interesting experiments" are related to music? I am intrigued. Please, do let me know once you are done. Let's see what comes out of this. :)

I agree. You could check out my journal on my philosophy as a start. Though I have become evermore stale (for the lack of a better word) with the day's realization that in the end all appears to be absurd.
skinsvideos21 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013
That's right, I never quite left DA I suppose!

The interesting experiments are musical. I am releasing an album full of remixes other people have made for a track I worked on a while ago and later a full album.

I'll check your journal! If you feel like things are getting stale, maybe you need some fresh mental air! :P
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